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FLCC Smartsaver SUNY ID Card

Every registered student is eligible for an FLCC Smartsaver SUNY ID card. The photo ID card is an integral part of the student's experience at Finger Lakes Community College. It provides access to the Internet, computer lab, library, fitness center, and student events, and can be used for the debit purchase of meals and supplies.

FAQ's: FLCC Smartsaver SUNY ID Card

Q: Where do I get my card?

A: At the Campus Book Store during business hours.

Q: When can I use it as a debit card?

A: Once activated, the FLCC SMARTSAVER SUNY ID can be used as a debit card with either cash or excess financial aid.

Q: Where do I get the Smartsaver Card activated?

A: In the Campus Book Store.

Q: Where can I use the debit card?

A: In the cafe and at the Campus Book Store for supplies and gifts. (Textbooks and software may NOT be purchased with the card.)

Q: Is there an expiration date on the card?

A: Student balances expire annually on May 30th.

Q: What happens if I lose my card?

A: Notify the Campus Book Store immediately. A replacement card can be obtained for $10.00.