FLCC Honors Studies

Join other curious, highly motivated students in small seminar classes for an inspiring scholastic and social community. FLCC's Honors Studies seminars engage you intellectually and artistically. These courses encourage reflection, creation, sharing, and in-depth exploration of a variety of topics. Honors Studies helps you grow as an intellectual, and it aids you in transferring to a four-year school.

Seminar Topics

Honors seminars are usually team-taught by faculty from different fields and are topic-oriented based on the interest and expertise of the team. Recent topics have included "Science and Religion in Modern Life"; "The Psychology of Romance"; "The Human Drive for Community"; "Women Who Kill"; "Mythology and Music"; and "The Graphic Novel."

Course Disciplines

Additional Honors courses are taught in the disciplines, such as Ethics, Introduction to Sociology, Perspectives on Tolkien, Composition I and Introduction to Literature. It is also possible to have a non-Honors course bear Honors credit. There are numerous ways to explore your potential as an Honors Studies student.

Enrolling in Honors Studies

Honors Studies seminars are held at FLCC's Honors House. If you are eager for such an opportunity, consider Honors Studies at FLCC. Courses are open to full and part-time students. For more information, contact the Director of Honors Studies, Dr. Trista Merrill, at (585)785-1357 or (especially during the summer months) at trista.merrill@flcc.edu.

Contact Us

Dr. Trista Merrill
Director of Honors Studies
Phone: (585)785-1357
Email: honorsstudies@flcc.edu