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SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (3-0) 3 hrs.

This course includes topics descriptive of the scope and methods of sociology; interaction and the social nature of humans, human groupings, collective behavior and institutions and social change. This course carries SUNY General Education credit. B View Course SyllabusAdobe Acrobat, PDF

SOC 115 Crisis Intervention and Prevention (3-0) 3 hrs.

This course provides theoretical and applied instruction in crisis intervention skills for those working with youth and adults involved in patterns of self-defeating behavior. Students will demonstrate skill in 19 specific competencies for using crisis as a teaching and therapeutic opportunity with others showing six specific patterns of self-defeating behavior. B View Course SyllabusAdobe Acrobat, PDF

SOC 200 Social Problems (3-0) 3 Hrs.

A sociological examination of the causes, consequences and extent of persisting social problems. Special attention will be given to an examination of our economic and political structure along with an examination of various forms of social inequality. Social and political policy considerations will also be studied as they bear upon possible solutions to social problems under study. Prerequisite: SOC 100 B View Course SyllabusAdobe Acrobat, PDF

SOC 209 Our Cultural Approach to Death (3-0) 3 hrs.

An interdisciplinary examination of our culture’s attitudes, beliefs and rituals as they relate to death and dying. Coping techniques, the process of bereavement for individuals and communities, ethical, spiritual and moral issues related to death will be examined. Cross cultural variation will also be considered. B View Course SyllabusAdobe Acrobat, PDF

SOC 210 Racial and Ethnic Minorities (3-0) 3 hrs.

A sociological examination of racial and ethnic relations in the United States and larger global context. Processes such as conflict, competition, stratification, discrimination, social mobility, assimilation and domination and subordination will be studied as they bear upon racial and ethnic relations. Prerequisite: SOC 100. B View Course SyllabusAdobe Acrobat, PDF

SOC 220 Sociology of Marriage and the Family (3-0) 3 Hrs.

A sociological examination of marriage and the family as a social institution, considering its structure and social functions. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of social class and gender on family life. Cross cultural variation, social policy issues and theory and research will also be examined. Prerequisite: SOC 100. View Course SyllabusAdobe Acrobat, PDF

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