Hotel & Resort Management (HTM) Courses

HTM 100 Principles of Hotel/Resort Operations (3-0) 3 hrs.

An overview of the history, organizational structure, and economics of the hotel business and the career opportunities in the hospitality industry. The emphasis of the course will be an examination of the technical operations integral to hotel and resort management. Areas of study will include: hotel and resort operations; front office operations; food, beverage and restaurant operations; housekeeping and engineering; sales; staff management; and guest service.  B   View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HTM 130 Introduction to Food and Beverage (3-0) 3 hrs.

This course examines the complexities of food and beverage management. Both hotel food service operations and freestanding restaurants will be discussed. Students will explore menu planning, pricing, sanitation and safety, kitchen layout, storage facilities and principles, food preparation techniques, purchasing and inventory, beverage control, responsible beverage distribution and food service presentation methods.  B   View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HTM 135 Rooms Division Management (3-0) 3 hrs.

This course will provide detailed analysis of the policies and procedures utilized in managing the rooms division of a hotel. Predominant areas of study will include the front office and housekeeping. The student will explore guest check-in and check-out, front office operations and structure, reservations and the switchboard, the accounting process, and the night audit. The day-to-day functions of an effective housekeeping department, cleanliness standards, housekeeping procedures, inspecting, and cleaning supplies and equipment will also be discussed. Each student will focus on methods for cultivating a service-oriented attitude in rooms division employees.  S   View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HTM 205 Principles of Food Production (1.5-2.5) 4 hrs.

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of food preparation. Topics of study include kitchen organization and efficiency, equipment usage, recipe utilization and manipulation, food composition, preparation methods, ingredient uses and availability, product evaluation, sanitation techniques, and kitchen safety. Prerequisites: HTM 100 and HTM 130.  S   View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HTM 210 Hospitality Computer Applications (3-0) 3 hrs.

This course will examine the relationship between computers and an industry that was founded on high touch rather than high tech. Students will work with actual hospitality software including a front office module of a Property Management System. The class will also learn to manipulate MS Publisher a design software package, and MS PowerPoint, a presentations software package. In all instances, the student will see how computers can be tools for effective management. Prerequisite: HTM 100.  S   View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HTM 220 Hospitality Marketing and Sales (3-0) 3 hrs.

This course allows the student to analyze basic sales management policies and procedures. The functions of a working hotel sales department will be discussed with an emphasis on the utilization of property management system data in sales planning, brief preparation, sales presentations, and client contact. The student will also consider trade show and exhibit sales techniques, sales blitz planning and execution, and marketing research and promotional programs. Prerequisite: HTM 100.  F   View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HTM 225 Meeting Planning and Conference Management (3-0) 3 hrs.

This course discusses the specialized field of meeting and conference management and its impact on the hotel industry. Each student will consider the component parts of a successful meeting and analyze these parts from both a meeting planner standpoint and a hotel management team standpoint. Areas of study will include: site selection and negotiations, program development, banquet food service, function room set-up, conference support services and meeting evaluation. Prerequisite: HTM 100.  F   View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HTM 250 Hotel and Resort Management Internship (3-0) 3 hrs.

The Hotel and Resort Management Internship Program enables Finger Lakes Community College students to supplement their academic studies and increase career awareness through field work related to the hospitality industry. The students’ activities during the internship will include both participation and observation so that they can develop applicable skills and an understanding of the overall organization and operation of a hotel facility.  B   View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

Key to Course Offering Times

F Fall
S Spring
B Both or either Spring and Fall semester
JP Jan Plan/Winter Session
SU Summer