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Office Technology


Program Overview

The office technology certificate program will prepare you for entry-level employment in nearly all business areas. While enrolled in the program, you will gain valuable office procedure knowledge and technology skills necessary for success in almost any corporate environment.

After earning this certificate, you will be prepared for employment after just one year of training. This certificate can be earned in as little as nine months and is fully transferable to the degree program.

Curriculum Requirements

As a student in this program, you are required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours with a grade point average of no less than a C (2.0). For this certificate, you must successfully complete:

First Semester (15 Credit Hours)

  • OFT 140 College Keyboarding I (3) OR OFT 141 College Keyboarding II* (3)
  • OFT 156 Office Communications (3)
  • OFT 247 Office Procedures I (3)
  • BUS 120 Business Organization (3)
  • OFT 150 Basic Accounting (3) OR OFT 210 Word Processing I** (3)

Second Semester (15 Credit Hours)

  • OFT 141 College Keyboarding II (3) OR OFT 213 Office Automation (3)
  • OFT/BUS 200 Office Management (3)
  • OFT 248 Office Procedures II (3)
  • OFT 210 Word Processing I (3) OR OFT 150 Basic Accounting*** (3)
  • Business Elective (3)


* Placement will be based on your skill sets. You will be required to take OFT 141 College Keyboarding II in order to receive your certificate.

** OFT 140 College Keyboarding I or permission of instructor is a prerequisite for this course. Also, you must take OFT 210 Word Processing I if enrolling in OFT 141 College Keyboarding II during the first semester.

*** You must take OFT 150 Basic Accounting if OFT 141 College Keyboarding II has been taken in the first semester.

Gainful Employment Information

This program falls under gainful employment disclosure regulations, a rule set by the U.S. Department of Education. View gainful employment information about this program, including estimated cost and employment opportunities.