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Liberal Arts and Sciences with Advisement Area in Mathematics

The Degree

Associate in Science (A.S.)

The Outlook

Mathematics majors are in high demand as opportunities in the workforce are available upon earning your baccalaureate degree in areas such as:

  • The Insurance Industry
  • Banking
  • Aeronautics
  • Commercial Ventures
  • Governmental Agencies
  • The National Science Foundation

If you are fascinated with mathematics and are interested in pursuing a career where you can use your math talents, you are exploring the right major.

The Program

The A.S. liberal arts and sciences degree program with an advisement area in mathematics provides you with the preparation necessary for transferring into programs that require a strong mathematics foundation. This area of study is well-suited for you if you have a strong interest in science and mathematics. It provides you with courses equivalent to those offered during the freshman and sophomore years at most four-year colleges and universities.

The degree is recognized in transfer (articulation) agreements with a large number of public and private four-year institutions in New York State and across the nation.

Honors Courses: If you have demonstrated outstanding academic ability, you will have the opportunity to take honors courses at FLCC that provide enhanced educational experiences. If you are a qualified student in this degree program or are a qualified student from another program, enrollment in honors courses is open to you. Successful completion of honors courses or an Honors Certificate may increase your transfer options to four-year institutions.

The Experience

FLCC features small classes and personal attention. The faculty is genuinely interested in you and your success. Along with 20 or so classmates, you will bring theory to application during your program experience. You will expand your knowledge and embrace new opportunities. You will work in collaborative teams as well as independently. A dedicated classroom for the teaching of mathematics is complemented by computers and instruction that includes the use of graphing calculators.

FLCC's newly reconfigured honors program and classes provide you with the option of taking enhanced classes, pursuing unique projects, and probing further into the field with special courses. Successfully completing honors courses or an Honors Certificate may increase your transfer options to four-year institutions.

The Graduates

Graduates of this program transfer to four-year colleges and universities* such as:

  • SUNY College at Geneseo
  • St. John Fisher College
  • The University of Rochester
  • Rochester Institute of Technology

* This is a sampling of some of the four-year colleges and universities to which FLCC students have transferred. Please consult your advisor or the educational planning and career services office for a complete listing of transfer agreements between Finger Lakes Community College and four-year institutions.

The Scholarships

As a mathematics major, if you meet specific award criteria, you will be eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Brenda S. (Brockman) Beck Memorial
  • FLCC Mathematics Department Award in Memory of Sherman Hunt

For information on these scholarships, contact a member of the mathematics department or the financial aid office.

The Faculty

The faculty in the mathematics department holds advanced degrees in mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics. The department is dedicated to the philosophy that students are capable of understanding complex mathematical ideas when careful instruction is combined with the appropriate effort on the part of the student. The faculty embraces the use of technology as an aid to your success. The department also sponsors the Math Center, where individual and small group peer tutoring is provided under the guidance of the faculty.