Business Administration

The diversity of occupations held by business administration graduates is what makes this program popular. The business administration program holds great popularity as it allows graduates to explore a variety of avenues related to business. Among two-year colleges, both public and private, business administration is one of the most widely held degrees.

FLCC offers traditional Associate in Science (A.S.) and Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees, each of which will prepare you for the ever-changing business world.

Associate of Science (A.S.)

The A.S. degree program is designed to prepare you for transfer options into baccalaureate degree programs such as accounting, business administration, management information systems, or secondary education.

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Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

The A.A.S. degree is designed to prepare you for employment upon graduation in a variety of positions in the business community, with a broad-based business foundation in accounting and economics as well as intense study in the fields of marketing, management, or business administration.

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